Metal Fabrication Capabilities

We have extensive experience in fabricating a wide variety of metal components. We source raw material including carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel of various gauges and type. We are capable of fabricating complex assemblies out of up to 3/4 inch thick steel plate.


CNC laser manufacturing is a key component of our production capabilities. JH Best currently operates two full time lasers manufactured by Hankwang and Cincinnati capable of cutting up to 28 GA – 3/4 Inch Plate (5ft. X 10.ft). 

Our lasers are capable of producing extremely fine cuts/pierces and can handle the most intricate of cut patterns. Whether as part of the process of creating a large component, numerous small parts, or an artistic cutout these lasers can deliver.

JH Best is proud to house a 175 ton press break capable of forming up to 1/2 inch material. Our press is used in a variety of applications to create bends and angles. Our skilled operators can provide the perfect bend, exactly to specifications. 

Bringing everything together, JH Best is home to a crew of experienced, tenured and certified welders. We take pride in offering our customers a truly topnotch welding team capable of ensuring quality and above industry standard welds;  no matter how complex the assembly. (MIG/TIG)

The Whitney Punch Fabricator is capable of accurately and cost effectively punching holes into plate & angle bars. Capable of up to 3/8 inch material, this machine enables the creation of many components such as perforated stair steps and platforms. 

Prior to further fabrication raw material is often cut to size using our vertical shuttle saws capable of processing up to 10 inch Outer Diameter (OD) material.